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Why Vote for Me?

As a businessman, I have learned that every problem has a solution, budgets are finite and legal costs should be kept to a minimum.  

As a resident, I understand the need to maintain affordable fees and taxes.  

As a father, I understand the need for good schools and community services.  

As a farmer, I understand the need for preservation of farmland with effective boundaries between rural and urban areas.  
I will ask the tough questions and have the experience to evaluate the answers.
I will hold staff accountable and vote based on facts, not out of personal bias or to reward corporate campaign donors.
The bias of the majority of council is a clear sign of what the Township will become.  Condos galore, inadequate or non-existent services and destruction of the true character of what once was a jewel in the Fraser Valley. We must reverse this trend!!  If not, our community will be filled by “spot zoned” developments with no connection to transit or other community infrastructure, overloaded road networks and gridlock.  
It is time to elect a Council that is representative, responsible and listens to the taxpayers within each of our seven communities – Walnut Grove, Fort Langley,  Aldergrove, Murrayville, Brookswood-Fernridge, Willoughby and our Rural farming community.

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As a professional engineer with 33 years experience in engineering and  technology management, Kevin Mitchell is prepared to do the work required to make intelligent and accountable decisions.

Elect Kevin Mitchell to council so he can bring back fiscal  responsibility

and speak up for all Langley residents.

Nominated for the 2014 Environmental Hero award with the  Residents For Responsible Soil Deposits for their involvement in the rewriting of the TOL Soil Removal and Deposit Bylaw; addressing problems with uncontrolled fill sites damaging neighbouring properties and the environment.

Instrumental in writing the TOL bylaw on propane cannon use : supporting farming and the ALR while recognizing that farms have neighbours  who may be negatively impacted by farming activity.

Kevin has spoken repeatedly to council and to the press about the growing debt facing the Township.

He has done extensive research to reveal the shocking costs that this council has incurred for legal fees associated with poorly managed developments and other projects:

As a resident of the Township of Langley,  long before seeking a council seat, Kevin Mitchell has been working for the taxpayers

on his own time and at his own expense.

The Province - Front Page Story - November, 2014: Kevin explains about the illegal soil deposits on our ALR land. (Click to read article)

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Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce (Langley Times)“For Kevin Mitchell, it's a question of priorities. He pointed out that the meeting was being held in a new $60 million recreation facility, while just down the road, overcrowded schools are surrounded by portables.” "Do you want schools or entertainment centres?" Videos available at Langley Times website

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